July 31, 2020 – Thanks to the dedication of our team, we remain fully operational and continue to provide Superior Quality Service to the many communities that rely on us. With safety as one of our top priorities, we are working alongside you to adapt to the unique challenges brought about by this pandemic. We thank you for your support. To learn more about our COVID-19 response, please click here.



LTL - Truck

Midland is the flexible and reliable solution for moving your LTL (less-than-truckload) freight within and between Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and the northeastern United States. Of course Midland offers many other services to move freight globally, but moving LTL freight throughout the Atlantic region is where we started in 1970, and have since perfected.

These regions experience some of the harshest climates Canada and the U.S. have to offer, and because of this, we also offer a heated service for your LTL temperature-sensitive freight, from the moment it leaves your dock to the point it reaches its final destination. From chemicals to electronics, your freight is in good hands.

Next day service is available. For transit times, please see the schedules below.