Packaging Recommendations

  • Apply address labels to two sides of each package, and another within the shipment.
  • Remove old shipping labels and markings.
  • Use defect-free cartons and carton closures.
  • Carton strength as indicated by box makers certificate stamp should be adequate for weight of contents. 
  • Seal packages securely with 2" wide, pressure-sensitive packing tape or factory glued flaps - cellophane, masking and water-activated tapes, string or rope are not acceptable.
  • Internal packaging fillers are important for holding contents firmly in place providing protection from normal external package handling and transportation forces.
  • Wrap glass items individually to minimize internal breakage and glass items containing liquid should be packed in non-porous package to prevent contamination of other items in the carton or around the carton.
  • Cans containing industrial and non-food liquids should be sealed with lid clips.
  • Orientation Labels or Package Handling Labels should be used on exterior packaging whenever applicable such as "This Side Up " or "Fragile" or "Do Not Break Down Skid" or "Air"
  • Apply the completed Midland Courier adhesive waybill to the lead package and associated bar code stickers to secondary packages already complete with address labels as above. 

Acceptable Shipment Guidelines

Midland Courier will aim to provide total transportation requirements through the resources of the Midland Group of transportation companies and strategic alliances. Guidelines are general standards not requiring special contact with Customer Service and Operations group. Shipments beyond the following will require contacting the Answer Centre to initiate special service considerations.

Size & weight maximum

  • 150 pounds per piece
  • 120 inch total length via ground service
  • 108 inch total length via air service
  • 130 inch total of length plus width/height

Valuation limit

  • $25,000 per shipment
  • Declarations in Canadian currency
  • Valuation in excess of $999.99 require special agreement number available from your local Midland Courier office (1-800-563-4000) and subject to inspection by pick up driver who retains first right of refusal.

Shipper's risk - transport at no value

  • Shipments of unusual value (see valuation limit)
  • Improperly packaged items
  • Glass, ceramics, fluorescent lamps
  • Items requiring temperature control
  • Prohibited items tendered to Midland Courier
  • Personal Household Goods

    Prohibited items

    NOTE: If any item(s) mentioned in the list below is/are shipped in error, Midland Courier accepts no liability for damages or shortages reported in transit at time of delivery or beyond.

    • Alcohol and Tobacco Products on an exception basis and with pre-approval
    • Animals (Dead or Alive)
    • Antiques
    • Any shipment that could cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments as determined by Midland Courier's first right of refusal
    • Any shipment that is prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, provincial, state, or local government in an origin or destination country
    • Bullion
    • Cash
    • Dangerous Goods by Air
    • Dangerous Goods Class 7 Radioactive Materials
    • Dangerous Goods Class 9.3 Hazardous Waste
    • Dangerous Goods shipments not prepared in accordance with The Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations.
    • Fine Arts
    • Firearms
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Human Remains
    • Jewelry - (Excluding Costume Jewelry)
    • Negotiables - (i.e.- bonds, currency, stocks, etc.)
    • Perishables
    • Personal household goods
    • Pornography
    • Precious Metals
    • Stamps