January 15, 2021 - We are excited to announce the launch of our courier new website which includes an updated look, enhanced functionality, and additional tools to serve you better! For more information click here.

Our Solutions During COVID-19

(June 2020) Being able to adapt to any situation quickly and safely is essential for businesses to overcome the obstacles caused by the spread of COVID-19. Our reputation of being a carrier that is fast and flexible comes from our ability to maintain the highest level of energy, urgency, and responsiveness. Thanks to the dedication of our team, we have been able to continue offering effective solutions that provide our customers with the services they rely on to navigate the ever-changing landscape.   

With our extensive network of over 30 facilities across Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada and our strong relationships with major food manufacturers and distributors, we provide solutions that enable critical food supplies to be delivered just in time to the businesses and communities who need it most.

Our Courier solution also supports the growing need to connect businesses directly to consumers. Our team is fully engaged to handle the increases in shipping to home-based businesses, people working remotely, and the growing business-to-consumer market.


To learn more about our COVID-19 response, visit https://midlandtransport.com/COVID19-update.aspx